Engelskansvarig i styrelsen

Dear colleagues and fellow members of Språklärarnas riksförbund
My name is Eva Zetterberg Pettersson and I have the honor of holding the position of representative for English on the national board of  Språkärarnas riksförbund. Let me introduce myself, briefly. I teach English in Köping, at Ullvigymnasiet, a large municipal school where practically all national programs are offered and where students range from beginners to advanced learners of English. My teaching degree, from Uppsala, is in English and French but, since my graduation, I have almost exclusively been oriented toward English, obtaining a Doctorate in English/American Literature in 2005 and teaching English at gymnasium (upper secondary school) as well as college.
Although my own mainstay is upper secondary school, I take a sincere interest in all levels of English teaching and as representative for English in LMS I am resolved to support all teachers of English, regardless of the age or level of their students, to the best of my abilties. It is also my conviction that I have plenty to learn from you. Continual reflection and exchange among colleagues are for me keys to professional development.
Since one of my functions as representative of English is to serve as a resource for you as teachers of English I encourage you to contact me.  I welcome all kinds of questions and queries regarding the teaching of English.  I do not presume to be an expert teacher, and please do not regard me as such, but rather a fellow, and interested, colleague ready to listen and give response – or  direct you to one of the many expert teacher in the extensive network of Språklärnas riksförbund.
The board and I share a common aim and that is to fill this site with a wealth of links to useful language learning site and inspiring blogs. If you want to share one, please get in touch with me – or post in in our vital Facebook group. Looking forward to networking with you: virtually as well as irl. Best, Eva Zetterberg Pettersson

My email address is: eva_z_p@tele2.se